The development of a model for assessing the investment attractiveness of an industrial enterprise

Economy and management of the enterprise

The article considers the problem of assessing the investment attractiveness of industrial enterprises. The resulting integral indicator obtained through the majority of assessment methods allows to compare a group of companies based on their attractiveness for investors. It is necessary to choose a model of forming an integral indicator that would best allow to carry out such an assessment. Investment attractiveness of the enterprise is influenced by various internal and external factors. In this article we made a selection of significant factors and grouped them based on analyzing and consolidating the existing approaches. At the same time, we took into account the principle of separately estimating the quantitative indicators of the required effect and the investment risks which are important for the specific users of the model. As a result, we suggest to form the integral indicator on the basis of three group indicators: the investment potential of the enterprise, the risk factors and the attractiveness of the investment project. A comparison of the points of view of various authors concerning the components of the economic potential and the investment risks of an enterprise led us to select the most significant ones. As a result, we offer to assess the investment potential on the basis of indicators of assets, labor, management, financial, marketing, innovation potentials and effect of enterprise activity. Additionally, investment risks should be assessed on the basis of indicators of external risks (investment climate) and internal risks arising from enterprise activity (financial, commercial, operational risks and business reputation). The article contains a mathematical description of the proposed assessment model of integral indicator using a linear factor model, the reduction of particular indicators to a comparable form, and the addition of a correction factor considering the volume of the used information. The article also describes the procedure for the step-by-step selection of investment-attractive enterprises on the basis of this model.