IT projects feasibility assessment as an alternative to economic efficiency assessment

Economy and management of the enterprise

Assessment of the practicability of IT projects deployment in business practices is just one element in the group of computerization issues. Today, this task is solved through determination of economic efficiency of an IT project. Techniques used for assessing economic efficiency turn out rather labor-intensive, expensive and do not provide a reliable assessment of IT impact on company performance, which brings into question their value and validity. Seeking to share information on the specific features of ICT deployment processes, the article offers a brief description of techniques currently used by Russian businesses to justify practicability of introducing information technologies. The article also describes a new approach to assessing the practicability of computerization of a business entity based on the conceptual framework that is different from conventional profit-oriented philosophy. Using the concept of a company’s target image that combines the targets of growth, development and profit, this article proposes a model for justifying the practicability of IT deployment based on the priority of growth target. Computerization option that maximizes the company’s sale volume shall be determined through monitoring the operational safety level, provided a number of additional constraints are met. The model uses a modified breakeven point formula that takes into account the multivariable function of costs. The model is based on a number of assumptions, is fairly simple and considered as a possible express analysis technique for selecting the option of computerization. The proposal is up for further discussion. Evolution of the concept of assessing the practicability of IT projects deployment in business practices based on the target image is envisioned through the search of indicators and criteria that demonstrate the impact of IT on the attainment of the third target, i. e. development.