The basic conditions for the implementation of strategies, strategic plans and projectsи by innovatively

Strategic and Enterprise Planning

This article focuses on the importance of strategic management and strategic planning for the innovative development of enterprises in the current context. Strategic management process is introduced in phases and the importance of its final phase of implementation is marked. The article considers the basic steps and activities of the implementation process of strategies, strategic plans and projects explains: the organization of works on operative management; providing motivation and stimulation of the personnel; accounting and monitoring of implementation; the regulation of management processes and the introduction of proofreading; operational management in emergencies. The principal conditions of implementation strategies are based on the model of the «seven-S firm McKinsey». The organizational structure, management system, staff and organizational culture of enterprises in terms of their impact on strategic decisions are analyzed as such conditions. The organizational structure of the enterprise prejudges the choice of the strategy, which in turn leads to changes in the structure. The realization of innovative projects in adaptive and adhocracy structure play an important role. A management style, which does not only cause internal resistance from the staff, but also mobilize them to new challenges, is optimal for the chosen strategy. In terms of the implementation of strategies, employees should possess qualities such as high professionalism, broad functionality and the pursuit of the new. An organizational culture is the key to implementing the strategy. The insufficient development or a low level of the culture of the organization may cause the failure of the company's strategy. The absence or insufficient development of at least one of the specified conditions can become the factor which will not allow attaining the strategic objectives, destabilize functioning of the enterprise, lead to the inability to fully implement the chosen strategy and as a result to the company's stagnating.