Analis innovative strategies of global and russian power

Strategic Planning of MesoLevel Economic Systems

The present state of the global and Russian electric power industry, which does not envisage major changes and the existing strategy of the world economy development are analyzed in the article. The forecast of innovative strategies of their future development for the period until 2035 are discussed. The demand for electricity as a whole, by regions of the world and its principal consumers on the Earth is considered. Changes in demand for electricity in the world according to strategies prognosis for regions, by sector of the world economy and the major categories of its consumers are projected.  Development of electricity generation by types of the primary energy resources and by country groups and the structure of the long-term energy balance of electricity production are covered. The condition of the power plants generating capacities, their lifetime and their development possibilities, production capacity of new power plants, energy use and regional strategy focused on significantly improving energy efficiency in the energy-consuming sectors of the global economy are analyzed. Growth dynamics length of transport and distribution networks length is projected. The need for investment in the development of global and Russian electric power is estimated. Possible electricity prices for consumers, components of wholesale prices in several countries and the level of СО2 emissions are evaluated. Special attention is paid to the role of the non-traditional energy sources (nuclear power plants and renewable power sources) in the future innovative development of electric power industry for the sustainable development of the world and Russian economy