Problems of innovative activity intensification of the investment and construction complex

Innovations management

The article discusses methodological approaches to innovation development policy of the investment and construction complex. One approach is to create «field innovation» through stimulating innovation supply by manufacturers. The second approach is direct stimulation of innovation through public procurement. The article analyzes how policy innovation development is carried out in the Russian Federation at the federal level and at the regional level on the evidence of St. Petersburg. The paper compares the existing approaches to the problem in foreign practice, studies the causes of the existing situation, forecasts development of the situation, analyzes the main factors influencing innovative activity of enterprises. Positive factors stimulating demand can be attributed to the direct dependency of demand for innovative products on the well-being of members of society. Growth of consumer income is accompanied by increase in the marginal propensity to consumption of innovative products, and reduction in the marginal propensity to consumption of traditional goods. As this part of innovative products consumption in such conditions is done at the expense of fund savings, marginal propensity to save and marginal propensity to consumption in the short and long term are compensated. Given that innovations are generated by «advancing knowledge», which cannot be produced by customer, according to the results of fundamental research, a general scheme of innovative marketing organization is suggested, which allows integrating the approaches to creation and diffusion of innovation.