Strategic priorities of regional transport infrastructure (as exemplified by the Republic of Buryatia)

Regional economy

The article deals with the strategic guidelines for the development of transport infrastructure in the region. Topicality of the work results from the geopolitical situation of the Baikal region which is a bridge between Europe and Asia. This defines a new high quality content in the region as a border area. The current problems in the sphere of transport have become a major obstacle to the economic growth in the region and its strategic development. The article presents basic directions for development of various means of transport in the framework of the program documents, it exemplifies major investment projects for transport infrastructure development of the Republic of Buryatia. The author analyzes the relationship scenarios of the regional and transport infrastructure, which results into the transport infrastructure development strategy under the optimistic scenario, which should become an integral part of the strategy for the new industrialization of the country and its regions. The author puts forward the concept to develop an integrated transport and logistics system in the region through transport and industrial centers. The article shows that the development of the transport infrastructure should be managed through transport and logistics centers, which are the centers of the economic growth in the region. The article confirms the position that the integration of the regional transport system into the international transport system will form the Asian macrologistical platform and will provide an opportunity to transform the Republic of Buryatia into an international transport hub. Particular attention is drawn to the development of the new international transport corridor «Mongolian Vector» aimed at servicing transit cargo flows. The article considers prospects of cooperation between Russia, Mongolia and China within the framework of the railway transit traffic between the three countries, which is aimed at creating an investment project to set up the transport and logistics company «ANMET.»