Risks hedging assessment efficacy for businesses


In this article the author set the goal to reveal more details in the assessment and monitoring of the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of security risks to the enterprise. The article describes the general concept of self-monitoring of insurance risks at the enterprise. The procedure is based on the use of two groups of indicators defining what can be used to assess and monitor the effectiveness and cost efficiency of the processes of risk insurance of companies and all related management activities by insurance. The first group of indicators – a metric characterizing the impact of processes of risk insurance. The second group of indicators included in the proposed evaluation system – are metrics that characterize the economic efficiency of the processes controlling insurance risks. Monitoring these indicators is their periodic reassessment, asking materiality and reasons for the changes, and to make recommendations for the revision of approaches to the management of risks insurance (optimization plans and processes of risk insurance company). The article presents the evaluation model of economic efficiency of insurance risks at the enterprise Key words: enterprise risk management, risk management system, enterprise risk monitoring, enterprise risk factors, integrated risk management, risk management performance, risk management efficiency