The conceptual apparatus of spatial economy from the position of landscape-profile approach

Conference "Innovative economy and industrial policy of the region"

The work is devoted to consideration of the categories of spatial economics from the position of landscape-profile approach. The shortcomings of traditional methods of expanding categorical system of spatial economics are revealed. The concept of landscape-profile approach was offered, with it’s tools and main provisions. On the example of the Privolzhsky Federal district there was made a visualization of the economic landscape of the territory in the coordinates of «resources–result» of economic activity. The incorrectness of the identification the categories of «economic profile» and «specialization of areas» are proved. Also, it is proved that the category «economic landscape» and «economic profile» of the territory could be the basis for an updated design of the conceptual matrix of spatial problems and, as a consequence, the new architecture of the spatial organization of production and life.