Cooperative competition, open innovations and development of the management instruments

Theoretical bases of economics and management

The changing of world economy is a reason for switching from cut-throat competition in the market to a model of cooperative competition (coopetition), and for creating the companies’ development programs with the open innovation concept as a basis. The situation makes all of the competitors to use similar guidelines and management instruments. The goal of presented research, carried out in SRSPU (NPI), is discovering the ways and methods, which meet the foresaid requirements, and can be used for managing the production systems of the microand mini-economic levels. Taking the imitation modeling as a basis, author analyzed the situations, which take place if the competitors use different management instruments. It’s shown that the best complex of the instruments that can be used in the situation of co-opetition is the one, widely used in the quality management systems and known as «EFQM Model». Author also presents the ways of using and developing this model for Russian enterprises and business-groups.