Application of the quality management system in the context of the effective operation of complex industrial systems

Economy and management of enterprise and complexes

Increasing worldwide competition has led to increased requirements that consumers place on product quality. The requirements of the customer are taken into account in the specifications, but the specifications themselves cannot be a guarantee of quality if there are any inconsistencies in the organizational system, including the supply of products and their maintenance. As a result, quality system standards and guidelines were developed to complement the relevant product requirements in the specification. The international standards of the ISO 9000 series are intended to provide general guidance on quality in major industries and economies, which allows enterprises to have a stable market position. Russia is a part of the global economy, and in order to successfully promote their interests, domestic industry enterprises have no alternative to the implementation of international quality standards. The purpose of the article is to study the specifics of the application of quality management at Russian industrial enterprises in the context of operational efficiency. Research methods: analysis and synthesis, systematization, modeling, induction and deduction. Results, their novelty and practical value: a conceptual approach to the implementation of the international quality management standard in the activities of Russian shipbuilding enterprises is proposed; the expediency of using the PDCA cycle in the process of developing and implementing quality management systems is substantiated; the difficulties and obstacles faced by shipbuilding enterprises in the process of implementing international standards are highlighted. To overcome them, an algorithm for the successful implementation of a quality management system has been formalized, which can be effectively applied in practice. Main conclusions: a functioning quality management system at industrial enterprises in Russia can become a real tool for continuous improvement of activities, a method for increasing competitiveness in the sales markets and a source of economic benefits. Directions for further research: development of a methodology for quantitative and qualitative assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of the implementation of international quality standards at industrial enterprises.