Green building problems in the context of the healthy city concept implementation

Theoretical bases of economics and management

 Currently, there is a positive trend towards sustainable development, an element of which is not only a comfortable, but also a healthy urban environment. Within the framework of the sustainable development, guidelines are being actively formed for a high-quality urban environment that ensures a high level of duration and quality of life for the population. Notably, providing a comfortable and healthy urban environment is a profitable economic strategy that will save significant funds “for the treatment of diseases that have not occurred in the future”. One of the effective tools for ensuring the health of the city is green building. The problem of the ecology of the city remains relevant, which can be ensured by the presence of green building; however, there are currently a number of factors hindering the development of this policy in Russia. The purpose of this study is to identify these problems and develop mechanisms for their solution. During the study, the following methods were used: analysis of statistical data, comparison, generalization, literature analysis, SWOT analysis, expert assessments, monitoring, forecasting. The authors carried out a detailed analysis of the concept of green building and a healthy city, considered the theoretical foundations within these areas, analyzed the legal framework governing green building and the achievement of sustainable development goals in the Russian Federation, identified problems and factors hindering the development of green building in Russia, ways of solving the identified problems are proposed, for the first time the policy of green building is considered as a tool to improve the health of the city. The necessity of participation of the authorities in the development of green building in the Russian Federation, economic incentives for market participants, the cultivation of qualified personnel, and the improvement of the legal framework governing green building in Russia is proved. The practical significance of the study lies in the fact that the proposed proposals can be implemented in the practice of the authorities. It seems appropriate in further research to study in more detail the environmental and economic assessments of green building facilities; carrying out to reveal the influence of foreign standards of ecological construction on the formation of Russian eco-standards.