Ways to improve enterprise economic security in the conditions of digital transformation

Economy and management of the enterprise

Digital transformation is the process of transition to a digital economy implemented by both economic sectors and individual enterprises in order to gain competitive advantages. Although digital transformation brings about new opportunities to improve the efficiency of enterprise security, it also leads to the emergence of new security threats. The main stages of the enterprise’s economic security system are considered (collection and analysis of information; development, selection and implementation of security measures, control and improvement of the security system), threats to the economic security of the enterprise are listed. Security threats, differing in the degree of formation and consequences of exposure are identified and analyzed. The problems arising in countering these threats have been studied. Within the framework of digital transformation, it is proposed to create and implement information technologies resistant to cyber threats, as well as develop mechanisms for detecting and preventing threats with the elimination of the consequences of their manifestation. The conclusions show that it is necessary to integrate the enterprise security system into the structure of the enterprise itself by building an integrated system for collecting, transmitting and analyzing enterprise performance indicators, dynamics of internal and external threats, market situation, etc. through digital channels in order to use this information to increase the level of economic security of the enterprise. Economic security is most effective in the digital transformation of the entire enterprise, and not just the economic security system of the enterprise. In order to increase its effectiveness in minimizing (eliminating) threats, priority directions for improving the economic security system of the enterprise have been identified. They include taking into account specific factors of the organization’s activity, active use of preventive measures, coordination of the activities of the security service and law enforcement agencies, calculation of the economic feasibility (effectiveness) of countering challenges and threats, professional security audit, economic analysis of the implementation of digital projects in the field of economic security.