Evaluation stages of digital potential of an innovation-active industrial cluster of the Arctic zone of Russia

Economy and management of the enterprise and clusters

Formation and development of global information and economic society, digital economy and economy of the Arctic zone pose new requirements to opportunities and competitiveness of states, regions, organizational and economic systems, clusters and individual organizations (enterprises). Increase in their efficiency of functioning and development is connected with formation of such integrated structures as clusters. In the conditions of modern economic development, special attention is paid to issues of clusters digitalization as development of telecommunication technologies and their wide circulation, emergence and use of various cloud computing and digital platforms, enterprises actively and almost universally applying technologies of the industrial Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence provided emergence of the global industrial networks which are going beyond the usual understanding of "industrial enterprise" and "cluster". Nowadays, there are innovation-active industrial clusters formed and developed capable to create, introduce and commercialize innovative products, use all advantages of industrial digitalization. Therefore, studying digital potential of clusters and enterprises in the industry acquires special relevance. The analysis of scientific literature showed that insufficient attention is paid to the research of the concept of "digital potential of a cluster". On the basis of the literature analysis and the conducted researches, the authors formulated the concept and specified the essence of digital potential of a cluster. The structure of digital potential of an innovation-active industrial cluster in the form of six structural components (subpotentials) is proved: material and technical; financial and economic; scientific; organizational and administrative; personnel; information and telecommunication. In relation to the structure of digital potential of the Arctic region cluster, the authors identified additional subpotential "infrastructural" and the indicators of this subpotential reflecting the specifics of the Arctic region. It is shown that assessment of digital potential of an innovation-active industrial cluster includes 3 main stages: substantiation of parameters (preparatory), assessment of digital potential (research), analysis of results (final). The presented generalized stages in turn are subdivided into 15 individual stages, for each of which there are indicators for assessment of digital potential of the cluster allocated. The final stage is the development of proposals to increase the level of digital potential of the cluster and, respectively, the level of its digital activity.