Digital potential of the construction complex: concept, essence and problems of development

Digital economy: theory and practice

The study of the formation and development of digitalization processes of the construction complex is quite relevant in accordance with global trends. The purpose of the research is to explore the issue of formation of the digital potential of the construction complex of the Russian Federation through a case study of its construction companies. The object of research is the construction complex. The subject of research is the digital potential of the construction complex. The methodological basis of the research was the method of statistical analysis, as well as the qualitative method. The article forms an evolutionary chain of development of the digital economy of industries and complexes: “formation of innovative potential – innovation process – formation of digital potential – digitalization – formation of the digital economy”. It is revealed that each stage of the presented chain is an integral part of the next one. We consider the gradual formation of the definition of “Digital potential of the construction complex”, and give the definition of the concept. Thus, the digital potential is defined as a set of machinery and technical equipment, information products, as well as qualified experts capable of using modern interface programs included in the BIM design for projects of digital modelling of buildings and structures in the form of a “digital twin” that is the basis of the digital design of building complexes at the regional level. We build an interconnected scheme of key construction production processes using cloud-based BIM-design technologies, and identify weak points which can include: 1) lack of an information product that would provide a merge and synchronization of the key construction processes; 2) qualification of personnel in accordance with modern trends in the construction industry, low proficiency in using the software or absence thereof; 3) the established system of building production “customer – contractor – subcontractor 1...n – the ultimate contractor”. The study revealed that the transition to digital modeling of the construction process, BIM design, will: eliminate the weak points in construction production; systematize the production process at enterprises; significantly reduce the construction time. Moreover, we perform an assessment of the level of development of the digital potential of Russian construction complex, and support it by a list of selected indicators of the state statistics.