The role of public procurement in the digitalization of the economy and adoption of e-commerce

Digital economy: theory and practice

One of the important directions in digitizing economic processes is the need to introduce modern information technologies and e-commerce systems into the public procurement system. The aim of the study is to analyse the stages of digitalization of the public procurement system. The commodity exchange plays an important role in the effective functioning of the public procurement system. The study determined the role of the trading platform, its organizational and legal forms and functions in public procurement through the commodity exchange. The article describes in detail the process of placing an order at the stage of public procurement, as well as the process of fulfilling a contract by a supplier. The article describes the procedure for organizing tenders, the conditions and procedure for participation in tenders. The article provides some suggestions for further improving the public procurement system: development and implementation of a national classification of goods (services) in the public procurement system that meets international and national standards; an increase in the number of operators working in the public procurement information portal system, and, consequently, an increase in the competitive environment, etc.