Virtual labor market: Essence and prospects for development in Russian Federation

Regional and branch economy

The relevance of the cluster approach in the Russian economy is substantiated. Its dissemination is associated with the adoption and implementation of a number of national strategic documents in 2008-2011, the provisions of which are currently being developed in the framework of the upcoming international forum Global Conference-2020 «Partnership for cluster development: creating the future». The retrospective review of development of the concept of lean production in the context of its applicability in the conditions of a regional innovation cluster is carried out. Analytical characteristic of the existing organizational models of the innovation clusters – as «anchor» territories of large hi-tech business as regions of concentration of small and medium innovation business as leading scientific and education centers – from a position of their opportunities and the available restrictions is presented. The principles of lean production presented in the modern literature are systematized and the most relevant of them for application in the regional innovation cluster – the principles of building the value stream and pulling are highlighted. A It is revealed that the system is pulling in an innovative regional cluster is fundamentally different from similar systems of companies operating outside of the cluster: there is a high dependence on the scientific component of production innovation cluster; the role of centre of competence increases the probability of a reverse drawing process, when the demand for the product occurs not at the consumer, but is formed by its developer. model of the principle of pulling in the value chain of products of the regional innovation cluster is developed. The model of implementation of the principle of pulling in the value chain of the product of the regional innovation cluster, which takes into account all the identified fundamental features of the application of these principles in the conditions of cluster formation. On this basis, the study of the characteristics of the application of the principles of building a value stream and pulling applied to different organizational models of innovative regional clusters. It is concluded that the application of the studied principles of lean production by the participants of the innovative regional cluster has a high degree of feasibility in any organizational model of the cluster despite the fact that each of them has both restraining restrictions and developing opportunities.