Concept of accounting and analytical support of sustainable development of the economic subject

Economy and management of the enterprise

The globalization of the economic space of the territories and the manifestation of innovations in all sectors of the economy determine the need to apply accounting and analytical support, as a prerequisite for sustainable and strategic development of the economic entity. The development of the accounting and analytical support system is based on theoretical and conceptual positions. Despite a sufficient amount of research, theory and practice in relation to the aspect under consideration, there is a need to develop a unified conceptual position that would take into account the sectoral peculiarities and strategic guidelines of the economic subject. In this regard, the existing theoretical and conceptual positions with respect to accounting and analytical support were investigated; strategic development priorities identified; formulated and justified author's interpretation of the concept of "sustainable development" of an economic entity; defined mandatory conditions for achieving the desired state of the sectoral economic entity; a model of sustainable development was developed in the context of mandatory components, which predetermined the concept of accounting and analytical support. Achievement of the goal predetermined the implementation of the following tasks: first, the stages of formation and development were investigated in relation to the concept of «sustainable development» in the context of definitions; secondly, the significant role of the economic subject in the general macroeconomic mechanism is determined; thirdly, the constituent elements of sustainable development are highlighted and the author’s conceptual view on accounting and analytical support for the sustainable development of a sectoral economic entity is formulated. The toolkit for this study was a set of scientific approaches, such as analysis, synthesis, comparison, grouping and generalization. To manage the sustainable development of an economic entity in the framework of accounting and analytical support, the authors propose to increase the range of information support, based on the needs of users of accounting and analytical information. The authors' general theoretical approaches are based on the results of critical analysis and generalization of scientific research and research, within the framework of the research topic. The formation of accounting and analytical support is a prerequisite for the sustainable development of an economic entity, which, in turn, is characterized by a combination of the applied methodology and tools to improve the scientific soundness of management decisions made in modern operating conditions. The formulated conceptual position demonstrates that accounting and analytical support today is the object of scientific knowledge and the subject of discussion, allowing to develop and improve the mechanisms of accounting and analytical work in the context of sustainable development