The tools for managing a competitive and sustainable development of high!tech enterprises of electronic industry

Economy and management of the enterprise

The relevance of the work is due to the fact that it is necessary to improve approaches and methods for assessing competitive sustainable development for high-tech enterprises of the radio-electronic industry. Because in the world and in Russia today, the main focus is on high-tech industrial enterprises and the need for their sustainable development. This is due to the fact that the volume of telecommunication services market of Telecom operators continues to grow steadily. The market volume in 2018 increased sharply, compared to the previous five years, mobile operators increased their revenues by 5 % compared to the previous year.. This is due to the growing consumption of these products primarily by corporate customers. However, the equipment and its components and components to enable this very link to be carried out were previously purchased from foreign equipment manufacturers. In connection with the sanctions that apply to the Russian Federation, it has become more difficult to import all the necessary products that previously easily entered the Russian market. In this regard, the state decided to focus on domestic industrial high-tech enterprises of the radio-electronic industry, which produce communication equipment. It should be noted that industrial enterprises are in unequal conditions with respect to various foreign enterprises-competitors, so they especially need to have all the opportunities not only for the production of high-tech products, but for the possibility of sustainable development in the conditions that currently exist in the world market. Therefore, the author considers it necessary to consider various approaches to assessing the competitive sustainable development of high-tech enterprises of the radio-electronic industry and some popular methods of their evaluation.