Problem of accelerating innovation at preincubation stage

Economic & mathematical methods and models

The goal of the article is to analyze the functions and structure of the innovation system in order to find ways to reduce the time for implementation of innovations. The main focus is on the pre-incubation stage of the life cycle, where the potential for innovative development is formed. To effectively influence the dynamics of innovation, participants of the innovation process should be able to use specialized infrastructure elements of the system, as well as have a set of appropriate impact tools. If these elements are absent, the necessary quality of the innovation system cannot be achieved. Existing models of innovative processes reflect the innovation process from static standpoints, while it is implemented within the framework of a dynamic system. The dynamics of the process is implicitly reflected in the form of logical chains of interaction between the elements of the model, including feedback. Analysis of the most popular models allowed to highlight feedback as a key structural element of the system, which largely determines the dynamics of the innovation process. The results of monitoring of innovative systems have been considered, and the main  elements which form the necessary feedback at various stages of the life cycle of innovations have been identified. It is shown that absence of specialized infrastructural elements of innovative systems that could provide end-to-end feedback at the pre-incubation stage is a deterrent to accelerated innovation. Requirements for the functions of such elements and ways of implementing these functions are formulated. A systematic approach to solving the problem of accelerating the innovation process requires coordinated changes in all elements of the innovation system, including the behavior of subjects of innovation. Systemic measures to accelerate innovation should involve concerted efforts to create specialized infrastructure elements for testing innovative products and services.