Formation of developing electric power infrastructure of the region based on integration of strategic and investment planning objectives

Regional and branch economy

We have analyzed the organization of regional strategic and investment planning based on systemic structural and institutional approaches. We have revealed a lack of consistency and coherence between the regional local strategic documents (in the electric power industry) and corporate investment planning, a lack of streamlined mechanisms of interaction between different subjects for implementing investment activities and combining resources. The hypothesis of the study suggests that energy development planning should be based on socio-economic development planning documents, allowing to avoid a surplus (or deficit) of power in certain areas and reduce investment risks. The methodology of the study is based on the systemic structural and institutional approaches.  We have studied the existing strategic planning documents in the electric power industry at the federal and regional levels, as well as the forecasting and planning parameters of investment. We have considered the relationship between the parameters of strategic and investment planning of socio-economic development of the territory and the infrastructural complex, revealing such problems as lack of consistency between the strategic planning of the electric power industry and the investment planning of companies, lack of coordination of territorial and sectoral planning processes, etc. This problem can be solved by synchronizing the investment programs of network organizations with the development programs and schemes of the electric power industry, territorial planning schemes, by building mechanisms of interaction between electric power subjects, consumers and regional authorities. A model for organizing strategic and investment planning of the development of regional electric power infrastructure system is proposed using the Sverdlovsk Region as an example; the model’s peculiarity is that it is considered from the standpoint of the metasystem approach. We have presented a scheme for interaction of the processes coordinated by the metasystem and an algorithm for synchronizing strategic and investment parameters of the development of the regional electric power system; its intersystem relationships have been identified, which is essential for strategic analysis of coordinating the interests of the participants of the development of the infrastructure, differing in their level of organization and location. We have proposed tools for interaction and coordination of economic interests of the subjects (considered as a tetrad) involved in strategic management and development planning of the electric power infrastructure, consisting in implementing the principles of partnership (social, marketing, public/municipal-private).