Features of digital control of innovative projects

Digital economy: theory and practice

The paper describes the problems of development and formation of project management in modern enterprises. The relevance of a subject is in the need for constant management of the processes of project implementation and progress control. Integration of all elements of the project into a uniform digital control system minimizes the time for decision-making, changes in the required conditions and in adaptation of the team and the processes of the project to new conditions. The digital control system is based on a digital project office. The directions for further studies are in developing a model of a digital control system based on the project office and generating an algorithm for introducing this system into project management of enterprises. Management of innovative projects in modern economic systems becomes the professional activity of the companies strategically focused on active development creating and using promising technologies and management decisions. The technique of project management is widely applied not only in business but also in the public sector.  Different types of software is widely employed for performing administrative functions in the project. Project management in Russia has certain specifics as a consequence of historical development, traditions, mentality of our country, the education system, and also other factors. While Russian companies have accumulated some experience in innovative project management, it has only recently evolved into an independent field of knowledge and innovations in project management. Innovative project management on a wide scale ensures high efficiency of project and research activities. This should contribute to Russia’s social and economic growth due to increased efficiency of public administration = at all levels, improved investment climate, and, therefore, intensified turnover of financial and credit resources. This should certainly lead to GDP growth and improved standards of living of the population. Integration processes within the global economic system imply continuous adaptation to changes, which can be achieved by creation of a special digital office of project management.