Comparative analysis of assessing the efficiency for implementing projects for special economic zones and territories of advanced development

Regional and branch economy

The developing digital space with open access to documents and reports of state structures forms an extensive base for analytical studies. The article analyzes the assessment of types of economic incentives for business through special economic conditions: special economic zones (SEZ), territories of advanced development (TAD) and priority investment contracts. The study shows the difference in assessing the effectiveness depending on the purpose of assessment and the methods used. The overall budgetary inefficiency of the projects implemented and the general causes of this phenomenon have been revealed. We have determined why the applied methodology is incorrect for calculating the indicator of the overall effectiveness of SEZ. The main reason is that the values set for basic indicators are largely subjective. Since the incentive principles, goals and objectives of SEZ and TAD are similar, we have proposed to develop the forms of economic incentives within the current legislative framework. This will save financial and human resources and help focus on developing assessment methodologies and management control. We have described China’s experience in creating and developing special economic zones in support of our proposals. Based on analysis of scientific literature, including in Chinese, we have constructed a typology of SEZ and identified the stages of their development in China. We have found that the goals and objectives, the strategy of SEZ changed significantly throughout implementing the reforms, but all of this was carried out within the framework of a single organizational form, i.e., special economic zones. The potential of special territories is huge and their successful performance depends on competent state administration. Practice shows that increased transparency of reporting data significantly increases the responsibility of the contributors. The test launch of the Project Management Information System(a state automated system) in the Primorsky Krai, including the Mikhailovskaya and Nadezhdinskay TADs in the pilot version, is aimed at solving the tasks set.