Development of an integrated approach to analyzing the financial and economic activity of an enterprise

Economy and management of the enterprise

A successfully functioning, profitable enterprise is the main element of the developed economic system of the country. Well-organized economic analysis of the company's activities is designed to help identify the company's internal reserves, to increase its efficiency, to save resources, to increase productivity, competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the company in an ever-changing market environment. Therefore, the development of methodological issues of financial analysis and adapting them to the specifics of a particular enterprise are particularly relevant. In the present work, the existing methods of financial analysis have been studied, their features, advantages and disadvantages have been examined, their applicability to achieving the objectives of the enterprise has been assessed. Based on the results of the study, an integrated approach to the analysis of the financial and economic activity of the enterprise was developed. The peculiarity of this approach is that it provides precise descriptions for the choice of means and methods of analysis, depending on the company's objectives, the specifics of its activities and the research tasks set. The paper shows that the specific sections chosen for analysis and the extent to which they are studied are largely determined by the objectives of the analysis and the tasks of the enterprise, and they, in turn, largely depend on the users of the results of the analysis. Within the framework of the proposed approach, the goals of the analysis and selection of the preferred sections are described, depending on the type of users. A system of indicators for assessing the performance of an enterprise has been developed, detailing the choice of the most significant coefficients in the sections of the study. The main stages of the analysis of financial and economic activity are determined; research objectives are specified and the methods used are determined for each stage. This approach to analysis saves time and resources, improves the accuracy and effectiveness of research. An additional reason why the proposed approach is effective is the constant relationship between the results of the analysis and the process of making the managerial decisions. We see directions for further research in adapting the developed integrated approach for enterprises of various industries and types of activities. At the same time, the recommended system of key performance indicators will be complemented by selection of individual performance indicators reflecting the specifics of the company's operations.