Features, trends and principles of the formation of «smart medicine» in the digital economy

Digital economy: theory and practice

We have considered the factors necessary for developing such a branch of the smart city as smart medicine, that contributing to a qualitatively new living standard of the population and the social and economic development of Russian cities. Digital technologies are one of the priorities for the development of the healthcare sector all over the world, and this market is growing by a quarter every year. The process can provide a breakthrough in the availability and quality of services without increasing the cost of healthcare, so digital medicine is developed with the active participation of the state. The indicators characterizing to what extent Russia is ready for the information society can serve to confirm the claim that conditions for the development of smart medicine have been created. We have identified groups of factors influencing the direction of development. The Novosibirsk region has a high level of readiness for the information society and opportunities for further sustainable growth of indicators of the information society. We have carried out a study of the population's perception of smart medicine, which is related to the indicators of the information society, the awareness and the demand for medical services on a digital basis. According to the results we have obtained, the processes accompanying the development of smart medicine were revealed; the necessity of monitoring these dependencies both for formal and informal groups of the population has been substantiated. There is a low level of population awareness in the conditions of overabundance of information on the Internet. An important aspect of effectively providing health services on a digital basis should be the availability of medical care and patient satisfaction with its quality. To monitor these processes, a transition to process management in smart medicine is necessary, which will allow to constantly improve the parameters of business processes and reduce the time spent by the population, improve the level to which the citizens’ needs are satisfied and, as a result, improve the indicators of life. Further research is going to be aimed at developing the indicators that determine the dependence of the development of new medical technologies on a digital basis and the indicators of the quality of life.