Conceptual approach for forming projects of public-private partnership in the industry

Regional and branch economy

In the conditions of globalization and dynamism of social and economic processes, transition of Russia to the innovation way of development by the key instrument of state policy of Russia there is an improvement of interrelation and the interaction of the state and business realized in forms of public-private partnership. The public-private partnership becomes the fundamental instrument of development of regional and municipal infrastructure, the investment attraction, improvement of quality of the rendered services to the population. Despite experience of the implemented projects of public-private partnership in our country, insufficiency of theoretical base, complex researches and necessary scientific and methodical providing for studying of this perspective mechanism is observed. Nevertheless it is possible to note that there is a forward development of the sphere of PPP in the key directions: legislative regulation, institutional environment and direct preparation and project implementation. The public-private partnership is the universal instrument of development, it can be used in the different industries of economy. Using PPP it is possible to develop transport and engineering infrastructure, to create health care facilities, educations, cultures, tourism and sport, to implement projects in the field of telecommunications and to develop the industrial sphere. In relation to the industrial sphere transition to model of public-private partnership allows to improve an economic situation of the industry and industrial enterprise in particular due to attraction of additional sources of income, expense optimization and creation of conditions for scientific and technical development in the industry. Stimulation of demand for industrial output by implementation of social and economic projects in the form of public-private partnership allows not only to attract private investments and most effectively to use the state resources, but also to create new jobs, to create domestic demand for business – thereby to increase the level of business, welfare of the population and revenues of the regional budget. All this causes relevance and need of development of mechanisms of public-private partnership for the industry. In article conceptual approach to forming of projects of public-private partnership and a possibility of use of this mechanism in the industrial sphere is considered.