Foreign experience of stimulating microgeneration based on renewable energy sources: organizational and economic aspects

Regional and branch economy

The importance of this study, aimed at studying the world experience in stimulating microgeneration, is due to the project to stimulate microgeneration based on renewable energy sources (RES) by order of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation (No. AD-P9-776 of 11.02.2017) that is currently under development. The aim of this study is to develop stimuli for microgeneration, based on the experience of other countries with the highest level of development of RES microgeneration. We applied methods of bibliographic, comparative and statistical analysis and the multiple case-study method. The article presents an overview of the state measures of stimulation for solar generation and standards for connecting microgeneration to a common network in foreign countries that are leaders in the development of renewable energy. We formulated the proposals and recommendations for the development of microgeneration in Russia which can be used to introduce changes in the regulatory framework in the field of electric power engineering and the development of programs to stimulate microgeneration based on RES. One of the unresolved issues of stimulating the development of microgeneration on the basis of renewable energy is in fact the weak interest of grid companies in connecting small-scale power facilities. To remedy this situation, the initiative group of Russian manufacturers of energy-saving equipment and services proposes to make changes in paragraph 5 of Article 41 of the Federal Law No. 35-FZ «On Electric Power». Modeling and studying the possible consequences of introducing these proposals and other changes in the current regulatory and legal framework in the electric power industry, as well as a comparative analysis of their effectiveness, is the subject of further research by the authors.