Structural aspects of development small and medium entrepreneurship in Russia

Regional and branch economy

The importance of the study is due to the implementation of the federal strategy of development of small and medium-sized enterprises for the period up to 2030. The aim of the study was to determine the patterns typical for the prevailing volume of production of subjects of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship in Russia and identify its sector and size structure. Objectives of the study: evaluation of the contribution of small and medium-sized enterprises in the total production volume of all enterprises in Russia by types of economic activity, analysis of the present size and industry structure of earnings in the business sector, as well as changes in that structure over five years, the definition of specific indicators of revenues per one enterprise (one businessman) and one employed worker. The research methodology is based on examining  the totality of subjects of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship belonging to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs based on three size categories, six major types of economic activity that is generated on a sectoral basis. The study has established the possibility of a substantial increase in production volumes in the enterprise sector of the national economy. The practical importance of the study’s results is that entrepreneurs (especially beginners) can use them directly for determining anticipated revenue. In addition, the results can be used by the departments of regional and municipal authorities engaged in the formation of projects and programmes of entrepreneurship development. The values of specific revenues may be of interest when monitoring the activities of the entrepreneurial sector.