Lifecycle management innovations of the service industries

Innovations management

In the present article the author's position in relation to the methodological principles of determining the timing of the completion of individual stages of the life cycle of organizations and enterprises of sphere of services. The most important condition for sustained development of the enterprises of sphere of services is the timely upgrade of the basic ideas of the main activities that will allow you to maintain a competitive position in the market. However, given the specificity of services, which are organized in the form of small and medium enterprises, the important point is determining the most accurate period of innovation, in order to avoid spraying a small venture capital enterprises. The process of introduction of innovations and some innovative solutions in the sphere of services forms as new sources of competitive advantages and build competitive advantage in service industries. Important for modern heads of the enterprises of sphere of services is the weaponry of management activities applied to models and techniques able to point with the least error in terms of necessary changes and assess their impact on the activities of the enterprise of sphere of services. Structurally, the assessment of the life cycle of services innovation fall as a factor of increasing the duration of stages of development. At the same time expanding and the area of stagnation. In the dynamics of the service operator is able to predict the timing and sequence of implementation of the desired innovation in order to increase the duration of the stages of development of their business. The search for a theoretical substantiation and practical application of methodological approaches to the definition of terms innovation and dedicated to the material. The scope of the expected outcomes of the study lies in the part of the strategic development of the enterprises of sphere of services.