Matrix microforecasting of the competitiveness of innovative products


The current regulatory framework for the development of innovative territorial development in the Russian Federation is analyzed. This regulatory framework contributes to the development of regional programs for attracting investments and for innovation and economic growth of the region where the cluster is based. The cluster policies of many countries reflect the peculiarities of their economical policies taking into account the goals and strategies for innovative competitive positions in the global market. Clusters are a tool of increasing the efficiency of the national innovation system where science, government, business structures and consumers determine the direction of the industrial technological development. At present the geographical expansion of the activity of domestic clusters, as well as the formation and development of innovative clusters based on business needs are provided in the framework of territorial and strategic planning in our country. This requires integration into the external economic environment, accelerated development of the infrastructure and the human resource potential of Russia, development of a network of competitive suppliers, service organizations, creation of competitive innovative products. An analysis of the goals and objectives of modern industrial strategic planning is performed using the example of the strategy of the construction materials industry. A production costs index for an innovative cluster has been presented.  Innovative production costs were calculated taking into account market factors.  Innovative cluster economy has been described. The methodological approaches reveal the methodology for calculating the costs of innovative products using Kargapolov’s matrix formula allowing simultaneous and absolutely precise calculation of the cost index of manufactured products based on the algebraic matrices presented in the form of a practical toolkit for managerial decision-making in innovative production including  clusters. This matrix toolkit is also recommended as a tool for strategic microforecasting of cost indicators of innovative products.