Space technologies as the factor stimulating innovative development of national economy

Strategic Planning of MesoLevel Economic Systems

Development of space researches is manifestation of the highest achievements of science and technology. It is concentration of world achievements of basic researches, materials science, technologies, electronics and other scientific and technical directions. The space-rocket complex is the most difficult and perfective aspect of modern equipment. Now it is necessary to divide near and far space. They differ in tasks, technical providing, «proximity» of results of usefulness. If at the first stage of space activity break out of limits of terrestrial gravitation was the main achievement, the directions of activity of the person in the conditions of space, a vstroyennost of it elements, taking into account its features, in terrestrial processes, search of effective application of opportunities of space in interests of quality of life on Earth, safety of Earth extend now. Start and maintenance of separate satellites and satellite groups, expansion of activity of the person in the conditions of space station development of materials, equipment, electronics, optics, information technologies, television and communication pushed. There were essentially new composite materials, microelectronics, technologies of transfer of large volumes of data, mobile telecommunications, solar batteries of the electric power, system of automatic control. Space researches everything are included into life of all mankind more deeply, start playing the increasing role in economy, have a great influence on increase of welfare of the people of all countries that speaks about relevance of a subject of article. By authors it is shown that space activity is defined as one of spheres of activity that allows to use the tendencies which developed in the developed spheres, first of all the air environment for its development; space technologies are the factor stimulating innovative development of national economy. As a result of researches classification of types of space works, the principles of an assessment of its efficiency are offered. Considering emergence of new market space – space works and services, the mechanisms stimulating development of space branch are offered.