Establishing the conditions for implementing the model for sustainable development of the technological structure

Sustainable Economic Growth

In the article, the authors describe the hypothesis that the transition to the seventh technological structure will allow to implement the model of sustainable development. This model consists of economic innovation, smart-society and ecology components. The transition to the seventh technological structure ensure the implementation of this model. It reflects the high level of integration of smart-technologies, environmental safety and resource saving, a new society with a smart culture. The harmonious coexistence of man and nature is possible with the functioning of the innovation economy through the introduction of smart technologies; setting and enforcing laws on the protection of the environment; the adoption and application of standards, guidelines and instructions, introduction of quality management systems and social support of the population; the transition to modern resource-saving, environmentally friendly technologies; the use of systems of sewage treatment; the dissemination of the fundamentals of ecology, guidance and training of staff in organizations; the use of alternative energy sources (energy of Sun, wind and water); the collection and sorting of garbage; recyclable waste; prudent use of natural resources; the introduction of environmental regulation; the formation of the smart-society, providing collective intelligence, spirituality, social responsibility and justice, having a collective network competence.