Estimation of the influence fuel costs productivity in Russia energy systems

Regional and branch economy

Development of own industry is impossible without effective operation of the power pool system of Russia. Electric energy is a resource which price significantly influences prime cost of any production and therefore on competitiveness of economy of Russia. The most important components of the price for electric energy is the cost of her production and reliability of transportation to end users. Economic value of reduction of fuel consumption on thermal power plants of condensation type during the operation of the turbine in a zone of economic power is considered. The analysis of fuel consumption by production of the electric energy developed by thermal power plants of condensation type from a position of influence on overall performance of a power system of Russia is carried out. Physics and technology process of production of electric energy, from a position of his economic components is analyzed taking into account that the operated subsystem «the power plant as difficult artificial system» represents the main reproduction link of power industry. The special role of system reliability as the electrical power system of Russia in the technical plan can be considered as the electrical power enterprise functioning in scales of all country is considered. It is revealed that thanks to the stream nature of the processes going from generators to end users the difficult artificial system the operated electrical power system of Russia can be presented in the form of an indissoluble logistic chain structurally:» purchases – energy generation – transportation of the electric power – sale». The criterion of reliability and overall performance of a logistic chain taking into account minimization of expenses on all structural links defined at the solution of the minimizing function is offered. Dependence of reliability and quality of electrical power production on the solution of problems of management of electrical power system of Russia is considered. It is revealed that in power industry as well as in communication, it is impossible to overcome natural and technological monopolism due to artificial crushing and therefore the competitive market in power industry can't almost be created too. Inclusion of additional commercial structures always sharply worsens reliability of power supply of consumers and increases a possibility of system accidents as in the market in case of accident time for coordination of interests of commercial structures is necessary.