Integrated industrial structures as a tool for implementing the synergetic approach to forming the industrial policy

Economy and management of the enterprise

In modern market conditions the creation of an effective national economy largely is provided by the system stimulating innovation and technological development of the industry, while the government is one of the most effective factors shaping the conditions of existence and the practical application of innovation in production and other spheres of society. This paper considers the integration of economic entities as a means of forming state industrial policy. The purpose of the study is to show the interconnection of integrated industrial structures (IIS) and implementation of the synergetic approach in shaping industrial policy: to substantiate the effects of industrial policy on the growing trend of the formation of IIS, on the one hand, and the impact of synergies from the creation of the IIS on the development of Russian industry, on the other hand. The authors used statistical methods to assess the impact of IIS activities on the level of innovative development of the national economy, as well as applied basic concepts of marginal analysis to identify the conditions of appearance of synergetic effect in the IIS. The study found that the use of the synergetic concept in the formation of industrial policy is justified and necessary at this stage of development of the national economy, and the IIS can be considered as a tool for the realization of the synergetic approach in shaping the industrial policy. In the future, detailed elaboration of the methodology for assessing the synergetic effect of the IIS will be required, as well as development of organizational-economic mechanism of management of innovative potential of IPS as an integral part of the innovative potential of Russian industry as a whole.