Can an unsteady banking system increase the stability of the Russian economy during a protracted crisis?

Theoretical bases of economics and management

The article deals with the stability of the domestic economy in the context of the main problems of the Russian banking system which developed in the period of transition to a market economy and after the 2008 economic crisis. The authors paid particular attention to the readjustment procedure for the authorized commercial banks in the mode of recovery of economic subjects of the market of banking products and services. This is because of the extraordinary role that the banking system under the control of a mega-regulator plays in the functioning of the institutional economy. The banking system, however, is currently demonstrating its own compression at an alarming rate. The authors are trying to obtain an understanding of the problems that are common to the withdrawal of the Russian industry from the recession and in particular to the recovery of the Russian banking system. As a result of their analysis, the authors also consider it necessary to preserve the competitive environment of banking products and services in the country. Law-abiding commercial banks experiencing temporary difficulties but operating in the market without serious violations should undergo a rehabilitation procedure without having their licenses revoked.