The influence of the cluster economy on accelerating the generation and transfer of innovations

Theoretical basis of cluster economy

The article details the positive effects of cluster economy. The economies of scale caused by an innovation kernel, required for generating and transferring innovations, present in a cluster economy are described. It is noted that the economies of scale typical for cluster economy do not negate the competition inside the cluster which in itself is the driving force behind its development. We considered the possibility of contributing to a synergistic effect of clustering. The article examines the theoretical aspects of cluster economy and shows the relationship of the concept of «cluster economy» with the «systems theory». We clarified the relationship of concepts such as conjugation, ingression and egression, assimilation and dissimilation, and of the term «cluster economy». It is noted that an important place in uncovering structural relationships in the systems of cluster economy is in the tectological statement on ingression and egression. We marked the necessity of studying the processes of generation and transfer of innovations within the framework of the synergetic concept from the position of nonlinear dynamics. Attention is drawn to the processes of self-organization and self-development. In the article, attention was focused on the principle of feedback, which is the basis of self-regulation and adaptation to external and internal challenges. We characterized the trigger effect of cluster economy that creates an opportunity to move the system to a new state. A diagram of the quantitative-qualitative transitions to a new phase of development. On the basis of cluster analysis we identified the key factors contributing to the innovative potential of the network structure and the influence of the cluster economy on the generation and transfer of innovation. Due to the inherent cluster economy effect of the coverage of the communication network, a cluster in the economy creates favorable conditions for the fast transfer of innovations and their commercialization.