Model of information support of innovative activity of industrial enterprises

Strategic and Enterprise Planning

The development of the knowledge economy in Russia necessitates improving of the innovation system, finding ways to implement new approaches to innovation at the regional and national levels. The article proposes a scientific-methodical device of innovative activity information support based on the example of radio electronic products production. A model of innovative activity information support of radio electronic industry enterprises is provided. This model allows increase in the efficiency of the scientific and production activities planning. A system of innovative activity information support is based on a single (integrated) office environment, where a variety of data objects are formed and used. Ontological approach is implemented for the construction of this model. The system ensures the completeness of the information, access to the interested users, the elimination of data duplication and repetition of work already produced in another area of scientific and technological activities. It operates on the principles of correctness, integrity and availability of data to the interested users. Information objects describe the product for the enterprise activities, technological environment of the enterprise, the competitive environment and market conditions of the enterprise products, including prices and their dynamics, as well as financial and economic component. The attributes are the characteristics of the system and the parameters of the technical, economic and marketing of items that may have specific values (numbers, vectors, symbolic expressions, logical values, etc.) and text descriptions. The system consists of the following functional modules: 1. database: 2. control unit: 3. knowledgebase: 4. problem analysis block: 5. objective and subjective models unit: 6. results output unit. The system allows solving a wide range of problems of innovative activity information support of the electronic industry enterprises.