Using dashboards for evaluating the company performance

Economy and management of the enterprise

In the context of the current hard economic situation and the consumer demand knockdown, companies need effective tools to monitor the economic results, as this is close to a real-time period. A pre-existing extensive approach to company management, valid in terms of economic stability, becomes unacceptable in crisis. Organizations have to determine the sequence of key steps that will ensure the implementation of tasks with the necessary result. Moreover, the functions of enterprise management controlling will be directed at making an enterprise more concentrated, internally coherent and effective. In order to perform control effectively, it is required to monitor key business processes of an enterprise, including the concentration of  efforts of the executive management. Continuous optimization of enterprise's business processes on the basis of data monitoring depends not only on the succession of stages in the life cycle of the system, but also on its ability to link operational data on productivity with the prehistory, identify trends and find ways to improve processes. The article discusses the role of dashboards to represent the results of management activities in operational, tactical and strategic planning. It shows that the term «dashboard» should be mentioned as a business application to analyze and integrate data, which enables the organization to measure, monitor and control the business with greater efficiency. Thus, it does not refer to a set of graphical and tabular information, but the corporate information system that allows the management of the organization to carry out operational management and to achieve their goals. The article comes up with the example of forming a set of indicators and calculating the integrated performance indicator for a construction company. The authors consider the possibility to use this indicator in drawing up and revising a manufacturing plan for the prospective development of an enterprise.