Application of supercomputer technology to forecast quality of life parameters of the population

Theoretical bases of economics and management

The article considers issues of social and economic systems management, possibilities of forecasting and assessment of their efficiency, as well as use of tools of economics of quality and mathematical modeling to solve problems of this kind. The article also pays attention to issues related to forecasting of parameters of the population’s quality of life with the use of supercomputer technology, in particular, application of agent-oriented models (AOM) to estimate some parameters influencing quality of life of St. Petersburg population, which has been studied in terms of the carried-out research work. Importance of the results of the scientific work presented in article is defined by the need to realize a complex, evidence-based and supported by the society concept of ensuring quality of life of the population, which was for the first time executed to define the possibility to approbate tools of economics of quality, supercomputer technology and mathematical modeling when solving problems of management related to development of social and economic systems at various levels. It is defined that a characteristic feature of modern quality management is the ability of wide use of its methods at various levels of management to solve  tasks in various spheres of human activity as a universal tool. As a result of the research the application scheme of the multilevel control system of development of social and economic space has been developed. Also social and economic system modeling methodology has been worked out on the basis of the principles of spatial development with the use of methods of mathematical modeling and supercomputer technology. Methodology of  assessment of control systems efficiency is suggested, criteria for assessment are specified, a rating assessment model is developed and the use of parameters of economics of quality for assessment of population quality of life is justified.