Prospects and specifics of resource management in enterprises operating in different sectors of the russian economy

Economy and management of the enterprise

The article analyzes the current economic situation in Russia. It considers the principle models of resource management, such as lean production, the theory of constraints, and the resource-based view. It also reveals how using one of the resource management models correlates with the present state of the Russian economy and examines the appearance of foreign automotive companies in the Russian market and its causes. The paper presents examples of adopting the modern organizational technology – lean production in the industrial enterprises, such as the Ural Automotive Plant (Chelyabinsk region), which is part of the GAZ Group, the KamAZ Automotive Plant, and the Signal Engels Instrument Making Association. These enterprisers were the pioneers in implementing lean production principles in Russia. One more example is Tatneft, which has recently started applying the methods of this organizational technology as well. Another remarkable example in the service sector is Sberbank, the largest bank in Russia and Eastern Europe. The article considers the Sberbank Production System as part of Sberbank’s Development Strategy and provides its interim results and new goals. The authors offer an explanation of why Russian companies often face difficulties when implementing lean production. Applying lean production principles is deemed to be one of the possible measures to overcome the current economic crisis in Russia.