Production program as tool of company industrial policy

Regional and branch economy

The article considers the essence and experts' views of the concept «Industrial policy» and presents approaches and stages of forming the Industrial policy. The author analyzes the state and development trends of St. Petersburg’s industrial complex and formulates the main directions of implementing the industrial policy in St. Petersburg. One of the tools of implementing the state industrial policy is the mechanism of forming the enterprise production program. The author explains the essence of the targeted approach and determines main members of the new technology production process, on the basis of which the production program of the enterprise is presented as a system. This system represents a set of activities determined in space and time, agreed by the content, performers, dates and resources. These activities are of industrial-technological, organizational and socio-economic nature aimed at solving common problems, common goal. The author presents the mechanism of forming the target program of new technology production, which reflects peculiarities of the development of modern complex technical systems. The author formulates the general task to form the target production program, introduces indicators and presents the mathematical model of production optimization for years of a planning period and in the long term.