Multilevel control system of quality as instrument of modernization of economy of Russia

Theoretical bases of economics and management

In article it is shown that one of the key factors influencing modernization, technological and social and economic development of the country, standardization – setting standards, rules and characteristics for safety, technical and information compatibility, safety and interchangeability of production, economy of all types of resources, ensuring economic and social stability is. Strategic objectives of development of national system of standardization are considered, and also is shown that one of the most effective and widespread modern models of quality management are quality management system. The project of a multilevel control system is offered by quality which represents set of organizational structure, methods of work, processes and the resources necessary for implementation of impact on quality by means of operational measures at levels interconnected and mutually influencing at each other. For providing the accurate organization of works in scales of all country it is offered to create a national control system of quality.