Forms and methods to improve the commercialization intellectual property in Russia

Regional and branch economy

Science is the foundation for the development of civilization, any society or a nation. This is a recognised fact which does not require any further justification. However, currently it is understood both in the whole world and in Russia that the key strategic resource for survival, increased competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises and other organization is information. A shift towards science-driven production in the second half of 20 century was accompanied by the emergence of new types of information exchange. The dependence of economy on sources, volumes and quality of information (scientific and technical, economic, political one, etc.) has increased as well as the dependence on the level of information access, which resulted in appearance, in the 1980s, of a principally new economic category — national information resources. An intensive development of the economy becomes impossible unless there is effective information support. Information has turned into a strategic resource, the role of knowledge has increased dramatically.